GeoEconomica is a political risk research and advisory firm. It deals with the consequences of political and regulatory trends and events for corporate strategy and financial markets.


Corporate leaders and investors to become more focused on political risk

The events of the year 2016 have moved macro-political and associated economic policy risks high onto the agenda for corporate executives and investors. The transformation of the global system governed by a “Pax Americana” into a multi-layered system in which power is more equally distributed amongst global players, and the consequences that this transformation causes, turns politics into an important variable for investment and broader commercial outcomes. It is therefore essential for corporate executives and investors to become more focused when integrating political and associated economic policy risks into their decision-making processes.

Geoeconomics: the new context for doing business in the world

Geopolitical risks are very much in the mind of global corporate leaders and investors. The fragmenting geopolitical space catches globally operating corporations and investors off-guard, assuming that political would follow economic integration. The rise of geoeconomics provides the macro narrative in which more specific political events have very concrete consequences for businesses and financial markets.

Getting serious about political risk management

Political risk management has become a mainstream area of concern for corporations and investors. Most supervisory boards maintain a high level and strategic perspective of political and broader geopolitical risks whilst management seeks to address political risk in its daily operations. Compliance departments, risk officers and committees have become more prominent in corporate decision making as they serve as first line of defence, once political risk events materialise.