GeoEconomica is a political risk research and advisory firm. It deals with the consequences of political and regulatory trends and events for corporate strategy and financial markets.


Q3 2018 Political Macro Report

The U.S. foreign policy outlook has remained center stage in Q2 2018, with President Trump and Chairman Kim meeting in in Singapore, and the U.S. President rolling out a series of measures that eventually could inflict substantial harm to the global economy. Our Q3 2018 Geopolitical Macro Report provides an outlook for where political risks are headed for the second half of the year, and what potential market reactions can be expected.

Q2 2018 Political Macro Report

The geopolitical environment in spring 2018 saw geopolitical risks driving stock, bond and commodity markets. Our geopolitical macro report on early summer 2018 focuses on Russia sanctions, the prospects for stablity on the Korean Peninsula, and the global trade agenda.

Q1 2018 Political Macro Report

Geopolitics is at the forefront of executives' and investors' minds at the beginning of 2018. Our Geopolitical Macro Report 2018 provides an overview of the geopolitical issues to look out for in the year 2018, and provides alternative scenarios for possible outcomes across a variety of policy arenas.