GeoEconomica political risk research and consulting

GeoEconomica is a political risk research and advisory firm. The global financial crisis, European politics, the revolutions in the Arab world, leadership transitions in China and elsewhere, great power politics, a new role of government in economics, or the rise of social media challenge corporates and financial institutions to navigate an ever more complex market environment.

“An issue ignored is a crisis invited”, Henry Kissinger once remarked. Politics at times may look too diffuse and complex to deal with strategically. But it has become too relevant to be ignored as financial institutions weigh their investment opportunities or corporates develop new strategies. A thorough understanding of what drives politics is a must as corporations, financial services and public institutions position themselves more effectively in markets, wherever they might be.

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted", observed Albert Einstein. What is true for physics is true for politics. Political events and trends are difficult to quantify. But without any doubt they count. Market participants today cannot afford to step into the world without having made sense of phenomena that might not express themselves in numbers.

This is where GeoEconomica steps in. We help our clients to make sense of issues that are difficult to grasp. We help our clients to more successfully navigate the ever more complex world of politics.