Risk management and contingency planning

We help clients to integrate an institutional perspective on political risk into strategic-planning processes, decide which risk management principles (risk transfer, avoidance, mitigation or acceptance) should be deployed when dealing with an individual risk, prioritise risks and more effectively allocate resources, and ensure that the awareness of macro risks is shared across the different functions of their organisation.

Risk analysis

In a corporate context, our analyses look at balance sheets, key cash flow or earnings components, the performance of business units or product lines, or a company’s overall strategic outlook, growth prospects, reputation, operations or governance arrangements.

For investors, we evaluate the potential consequences of political and economic risks for single assets, asset classes or portfolios, allowing them to include risks in investment management processes.

Scenario planning

Our scenario analyses help to widen perspectives, evaluate options and reduce the number of surprises that companies and investors might have to deal with otherwise.

Impact evaluation

With a comprehensive and fully up-to-date country coverage, our state-of-the-art financial and global macroeconometric models give us the ability to provide valuable insights into how international economic and policy issues can affect our clients’ interests. They can also provide a rigorous and consistent structure for stress testing, scenario analysis and forecasting.

We also drill down on specific risks. Defined headline risks might have extraordinary consequences on asset returns or other performance indicators. Beyond qualitative assessments, we use event studies and structural break analyses to isolate the impact of the event from other general market movements and estimate its effects.